Thiền đường Boston 15 năm phục vụ, Hoa-kỳ, 09-2021

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Highlights of the 15th Anniversary Celebration
of the Boston DDM Center

On Friday September 10th, 2021, at 1073 Hancock Street, Quincy, Massachusetts, members of Boston Divine Dharma Meditation Center held a celebration for its 15th anniversary, in the presence of the two Founders Masters, Master Thuan Duc Nguyen and Master Ngoc Hai Nguyen.

The ceremony began with a moment of respect and flower presentation to the Great Grand Master Dasira Narada, followed by the opening speech of Mr. Duc Tran, the leader of Boston DDM Center. Mr. Tran welcomed all guests, government officials, the Founder Masters, as well as members from New York, Malden, California, Soc-trang and Boston. On behalf of all DDM members, Mr. Tran expressed sincere thanks and gratitude to the two Founder Masters for their establishment of DDM Discipline and their extraordinary teachings in the past 20 years. Mr. Tran also congratulated all Boston members for their ongoing dedicated service for the community in Eastern and Northern America since the day Boston Center was opened in 2006. 

On behalf of Mr. Ronald Mariano, Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Mr. Tackey Chan, Massachusetts State Representative presented the commendation signed by Mr. Ronald Mariano himself, to the two Founder Masters of DDM Discipline and Mr. Duc Tran. In his speech, Representative Chan recognized the altruistic service and invaluable deed of DDM Discipline to promote the well-being and spiritual growth of the community, especially in Boston and surrounding areas like Quincy, his current work place and residency. Mr. Chan expressed his wish of joining DDM practice in the coming day, when he can find time in his very busy work schedule. He also joined hand in cutting the happy day cake with the two Founder Masters and Mr. Tran to celebrate the 15 years of service of the Boston DDM Center.

Founder Master Ngoc Hai Nguyen Nguyen, in her speech, expressed her congratulation to the working spirit of the Executive Board of Boston Center. She mentioned how Mr. Tran Duc, his eldest son Johnson Tran, and other family members were first introduced to the DDM practice, when they attended Level 1 and Level 2 class in Ottawa Canada in October 2005. Soon afterward, with the guidance of the two Masters, Mr. Tran’s family and friends had come together to open a DDM Center in Quincy in April 2006. The Master reminded members about one particular teaching of the Great Grand Master, which provisioned about twenty years ago that humanity would face horrendous pandemics due to incidents of severe viral infection in a near future. The current Covid-19 pandemic is a reality of the teaching. Master Ngoc Hai Nguyen closed her speech with the review about the ultimate mission of DDM Discipline. That is to help humanity alleviate suffering and achieve Liberation by ways of spiritual cultivation to develop our everlasting souls.

Founder Master Thuan Duc Nguyen congratulated Boston members’ efforts and dedication for developing a great DDM Center in Boston as well as other Centers in Houston, New York, Northern California, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, and Malden. The Master reminded everyone to focus on introducing the DDM practice to other ethnic groups. He also expressed his enthusiasm about Representative Chan’s interest in joining the DDM practice in the future.

After a group photo session, all members and guests accompanied the two Masters to celebrate the 15 years of service of the Boston DDM Center at the China Pearl Restaurant.
The next day, Saturday, September 11th, 2021 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. The Founder Masters answered 15 questions from members about DDM teachings and its practice; specifically, they talked about topics related to current difficulties and problems that humanity is facing throughout the world. Everyone showed great enthusiasm upon receiving the thorough explanations and guidance from the two Masters. The teachings of the Masters have deepened members’ understanding of the DDM principles and this is essential for their spiritual development as well as their ability to help serve others in the best way possible.

On Sunday, September 12th, 2021, the two Masters and members from California, New York, Malden and Boston had lunch together at China Pearl Restaurant to say goodbye to each other. During this special occasion, members from other centers also spent some time sightseeing Boston and the surrounding areas.

It could be acknowledged that everyone attending the Celebration recognized the boundless sacrifice of the Executive Board, 11 instructors and all members of Boston DDM Center in developing a strong Meditation Center for everyone to benefit. Their ongoing service to the community for the past 15 years are well deserved by our deepest appreciation. These members should also be proud of their dedicated contributions in making this Celebration a success. It was also noticed that all members showed their love and utmost gratitude to the two Founder Masters for their presence at the Celebration in this difficult time of the pandemic.
The Great Grand Master Dasira Narada has taught that “…When we make a point to cultivate ourselves, be courageous and dare to soar over rough and turbulence tides…” Following the teaching, despite the present difficulty, the Boston DDM Center will hold a Level 1&2 Class in coming week, with full commitment to follow the CDC guidelines on the Covid-19 restriction during this event.


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