Divine Dharma Meditation Have Helped Me to Cured All Diseases and Escaped the Gate of Hell.

Honor: Grand master DASIRA –NARADA
2nd Grand Master NARADA –MAHATHERA
Dear Vung Tau Meditation Center, Your fellow members.

My name is Nguyễn Thị Minh Hiếu, 45 years old - Phone: 01286632468

Resident at 1C Phan Chu Trinh, Ward 2; Vung Tau City, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province.

I am please to share illness history of me.

Three years ago, I felt uncomfortable tired, many nights awake, hard life, no time to earn a living. Increasingly, my health deteriorates, tired hands and feet and fainting many times. At the doctor's conclusion I have breast cancer in the last stage, hepatic dysfunction, fatty liver, enlarged thyroid gland and nucleus, abnormal heart valve, gastritis, intravascular dilatation; I have obesity (excess 20kg compared with normal value). When I read the my medical examination report I fainted, when I woke up I want to find Death as quickly as possible, do not want to take any treatments. Also my family's economy is very difficult. I Have been fasting all week to die but not succeed. Luckily, my customer came for her hair curling, she found me very sick and she came and drove to Vung Tau Meditation Center for help in energy transfer, I also do not understand how energy transfer?

On the first day at the Meditation Center, I could not properly walk in and everyone at the centre came and help me. I feel healthier quickly, the centre had a meditation class openned. After 1 month, Nhan Center leader sends me to Level 1 & 2 in Nha Trang and asking to let me stay at Teacher's house for the whole time. With affection of brothers and sisters in Nha Trang and the dedication of teaching received me as a member of their family. Hết khóa học, Tôi về Vũng tàu thiền định và các đồng môn tại Vũng tàu trợ giúp, My health is recovering very fast from day to day, I see my life moving to the new page, live peacefully and believe in life, try to meditate to eradicate defilement, not greed, optimism. I try to spend a lot of time meditating, sitting meditation is too painful so I laying down to meditate, I meditate whenever I have free time. After 3 years of meditation and spiritual practice, I went to the hospital to check my health, doctors were surprised when the test results are very good. tumors are not developed, not metastasized, all the above diseases are normal. Luckily, the Center Leader, Ms. Nhai, launched a requested donation from the brothers and sisters at the centre for helping me out some of the money to remove the tumor in the breast. At present, my health is normal and I am not taking any kinds medicine.

I thank the Grand Master Dasira Narada; Second Mater Dasira Mahathera, born me the second time; Thank you, Thầy Cô and Instructors for their gratitude to the Management Board of the Meditation Centre, who have taken care of me so that I can be as healthy as I am today. I will practice according to the Dharma, daily to the Meditation to serve others.

Special thanks
Disciple: Nguyễn Thị Minh Hiếu
Translated by Norm Nguyen


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