Greatly Grateful
Level 4 disciples
Divine Dharma Meditation, Hoc Mon Centre

My name is Cao Thị Cam, born in 1955, is a level 4 disciples in the Hoc Mon Meditation Center.

During the time of practicing in the Dharma teaching, I left something deeply felt when I came to the Divine Dharma Meditation discipling.

First, I would like to commemorate the merit, the devotion to the Patriarch Dasira Narada, the Second master Narada Mahathera, the Master Thay Co, the Instructors and Ms. Ha, Khanh, brothers and sisters, all the time. Through guided, guide me on this path of cultivation.

the Patriarch teach, Our Body and Sickness are one

At that time, my back hurts so badly, also thanks to the acquaintance introduced me this Discipling, I registered and completed the classes, I vowed to returning to the Meditation Center to help people follow the teacher guide ... Arriving at the meditation centre, the patient was very crowded, and the brothers and sisters helped every patient. And myself, at that time the back hurts violently, as if it was breaking in two, sometimes want to cry louder for reduce the pain, I tried to endure and I meditated hard, until one day, I suddenly heard a "puff" from the back ... Seconds of chaos do not understand what, then I suddenly realized my back too light, like to get rid of the big block, no longer painful, the magic of the Patriarch. In addition, the cough, headache, runny nose at the same time, also disappear in me, now my health is much better and stable.

My only wish is that all patients coming to the meditation centre will find their health again.

Nhị Bình, December 21, 2017
Cao Thị Cam


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