Acknowledgments from the heart
I respect the Grand Master DASIRA NARADA,

Dear Master Grandmaster and teachers teaching the Divine Dharma Meditation,
My name is Do Nhat Minh.
I am a Level 3 disciple of the Divine Dharma Meditation Center in Hanoi.
Today, December 10, 2017, I hereby express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to the Patriarch, the First Patriarch, the Teacher of the Disciples, the teachers and all the disciples of the Divine Dharma Meditation.
Five years ago, I was a healthy man who was active, living, working normally and suddenly I had swollen eyes, adema legs, and hands. I went to the doctor and concluded that I suffered from chronic kidney disease syndrome associated glomerulonephritis.
I have been running around inside the country, outside the country (Singapore), applying eastern medicine, and western medicine treatments where the disease could not improved or cured, my family economics has since come down, the family worried for me very much, my health is very weak could not maintain good work every day.
Then one day in July 2016 I met Nguyen Thi Chuc - Center Meditation Center in Hanoi. After asking her patients she advised me to visit the center of Hanoi at 495 Hoang Hoa Tham to have transfer energy treatment and wait until September 2016 to open the meditation chakra. But due to the work until September 2016 after going to Singapore for the medical treatment. I came back to the Hanoi Meditation Center to joint the open the meditation chakra.
This is an important turning point in my life. After opening the chakras, I became a Level 2 disciple of the Divine Dharma Meditation and continued to attend Meditation Center in Hanoi. Everyday, I was sent by high level disciples to transfer energy to me, with all sincere love and miraculously, after 1 week I had better health, no side effects of western medicine.
A month later I returned to Singapore for a medical examination and surprisingly, the doctor was happier than me and informed my kidney disease significantly reduced and to reduce the dose. After 3 months I returned to the doctor The doctor reschedule for the appointment 8 months or 1 year later to re-examination.
At this time, my health is very good, family, relatives, friends are very happy and also ask about the magic of the practise meditation study.
With these words I do not know what to say to express my joy, and happiness. I would like to thank the Great Teacher, the First Patriarch for blessing me, thank you Grand Master, teaching teachers and all the disciples of the Divine Dharma Meditation dedicated. Help me to have today.

Best regards!

Hanoi, December 10, 2017
Hanoi Meditation Center
Đỗ Nhật Minh

Translated by Nguyen Luong Ngoc


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