Thank You
Honor Grand Master Dasira Narada.
Honor Second Master Narada Mahathera.
Dear Master Thay Co and all meditation instructors

My name is Huynh Thi Bang, born in 1965. I am currently a level 4 member of Hoc Mon Meditation Centre. With all my heart. I sincerely thank:

Divine Dharma of the Founder Dasira Narada
Divine Dharma Meditation of the Master Thay Co

Previously I was a person with poor health. Low blood calcium to go to emergency care. Hands numbness so much, drink a lot of medicine but not exhausted. By October 2015, I went to the doctor to see the results of doctors, the doctor said to have surgery to complicate severe carpal tunnel syndrome.
Arrange the appointment is half a month after the hospital surgery, I was introduced by a friend to the Meditation centre to receive energy. After two weeks, the brothers and sisters at the centre were given energy to me with a very deep sentiment and very good results. The two hands were greatly reduced and no longer intend to be hospitalized for surgery. With the advice of the disciples brothers and sisters then I registered to learn meditation.

Wonderful for more than two years of Meditation
My body and mind are very secure.
Each time I go to the Meditation Center.
Towards the Patriarch in prayer.
Practice according to Dharma teaching.
Meditation according to Dharma Master Thinking.
Disciples are required to inscribe
Good Meditation to help others.
Be Let go of life story.
Words through the words of rumours.
Day and day just practice healing
Collect and Contribute to the virtue of afterlife
Increasing spiritual development
Meditation creates virtue
Increasing spiritual development
Meditation creates good virtue reputation
Master Thay Co happy with disciples.
With the teaching of instructor not to waste their effort.
How to tell all of the truth from the heart
Thầy Cô strenuous journey all over the world
Teaching Divine Dharma for the life.
Less sorrow for all enjoy happiness
Thầy Cô ơi! Thầy Cô ơi!
We vow to obey the Master Thầy Cô

Finally, I sincerely thank you.
Founder Grand Master Dasira Narada
Second Grand Master Narada Mahathera
Master Thầy Cô
Teaching Instructor
The Leader of Hoc Meditation Center

Hoc Mon, December 30, 2017
Huỳnh Thị Băng


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