Lời cảm ơn của Môn sinh cấp 2

Acknowledgment of Level 2 disciple
I am Đỗ Văn Nhật born in 1949.
In 2010 I had a seizure, level 2 clinical death and had to put sten in the brain (STEN:device help blood flow through the blood vessel). Every day I have to take medication like to eat rice for treatment. Because of the combination of drugs, I was scabbed up before, so my psoriasis worsening. All my body is red, pus from head to toe. I also have acute kidney failure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stomach ... I do not dare contact with others because of my complexity. I went in and out the hospital was like go to the grocery store and the doctor told me to accept living with psoriasis.
From my son suffering from kidney disease, who had studied the Divine Dharma Meditation, he has progressed very clearly and recovered from illness, so in 4/2016 I went to the Center of Hanoi at 495 Hoang Hoa Tham - Ba Dinh - Hanoi. Through the exchange of sick body, I was received by Ms. Nguyen Thi Chuc, the head of the meditation hall in Hanoi and asked to go to Meditation Center every day to receive energy for healing. I have been taken care by Ms. Chuc and senior menbers of Hanoi Meditation Center transfer energy daily.
Miraculously, only a few days after the energy transfer most of my red spots on my body faded and after 2 months have not left any spots. No words can describe the miracle of the Divine Dharma Meditation.
On 11/9/2016 I was officially a disciple of the the Divine Dharma Meditation discipline and can meditate myself to heal but still supported by the disciples. So far apart from psoriasis, my other diseases have disappeared without wings to fly. I did not take any medication since Chuc and other disciples in Hanoi practise transfer energy to me.
I found the Divine Dharma Meditation is wonderful and through here I would like to send my sincere thanks to Ms. Chuc and the students of Hanoi Meditation the most profound.

Hanoi, December 6, 2017
Meditation Center in Hanoi
Do Van Nhat, Level 2

Translated by Nguyen Luong Ngoc


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