As we enter the modern era of the 21st century, with astounding achievements in technology and its applications, the world is getting smaller. In particular, advances in telecommunications and transportation have enabled people from all corners of the world to meet and interact with one another, as we communicate and share information easily. Ironically, while people are enjoying the convenience of sophisticated technologies, life on earth is becoming more chaotic and unsafe than ever. Why is this the case? This is because there is an imbalance between material life and spirituality. People continuously compete with one another for personal gain and comfort. Selfish ambition has eroded the morality and compassionate nature of humankind. The role of spirituality in the society is becoming less significant for many. More than ever, people are facing tremendous pressures and struggles in the daily activities of living. War and conflict continue to occur in the world. In the race for global power with the development of high-tech facilities, destructive technologies and weapons, there have been devastating consequences for the environment. At the same time, catastrophic natural disasters and serious illness are increasing everywhere…. The end result is that humankind has to witness and endure innumerable hardships and misery.

In the midst of this overwhelming emerging crisis, the Founder Grand Master Dasira Narada has blessed us with the opportunity to explore his unsurpassed teachings of divine wisdom. We have silently ignited the flame of ‘Vi Diệu Pháp’, a preeminent method of meditation, which is called ‘Universal Human Body Energy (U.H.B.E.)’ today. The discipline of U.H.B.E. has won enthusiastic support from many cultures and countries around the world. Followers have found this teaching a miracle for the awakening of their souls. We have been giving numerous training courses to teach participants to cultivate and practice meditation. Meditation centers have been established on a volunteer basis with unconditional time and energy from many good-hearted members. It is encouraging to see that the discipline of U.H.B.E. is growing steadily. We realize that the prevalence of human suffering is enormous as people blindly chase after endless materialistic desires in search of happiness.

In spite of these realities, the wheel of evolution of the entire universe continues perpetually.
We have prepared this handbook based on the philosophy of the Founder Master Dasira Narada. Each section provides students with specific knowledge and guidance, suitable for their level of training, so that they can practice spiritual cultivation properly and achieve practical results. Throughout the year, we ourselves, continue to contemplate in depth, to develop this handbook and present students with innovative materials in keeping with the current trends of knowledge and the spiritual level of our students. The book itself will choose its readers, those with the appropriate development and evolutionary soul level will find this handbook deeply relevant and useful. Upon entering the world of spirituality, one will encounter many abstract concepts and extraordinary phenomena, which are beyond ordinary human understanding. Therefore, it is essential that followers receive direct guidance from designated qualified instructors in order to understand the teachings in this handbook correctly. Otherwise, without having proper training, practitioners may obtain unwanted results for their cultivation and health. We strongly believe and foresee that all the works that are developed today for the discipline of U.H.B.E. will be maintained and expanded further by subsequent generations. These members will continue to bring many achievements to the discipline, enabling the teachings of the Founder Master to shine unceasingly.

After 30 years of practice, experience and teaching the meditation method of U.H.B.E. from the Founder Grand Master Dasira Narada, we have introduced the quintessence of His teachings throughout many continents including Asia, Europe, Australia and America… Everyday, there are thousands of disciples coming to U.H.B.E. meditation centers in their local area to practice meditation following the teachings of the Founder Grand Master. They diligently build virtue and merits to become better people. They are able to heal their own physical and mental illness. The preeminent teachings of the Founder Grand Master have illuminated and awakened many disciples, helping them eliminate hardship and suffering from their current circumstances and enabled them to help others in kind.

On May 29, 2010, the California State Legislature has passed Resolution No. 937, to recognize the altruistic service and growing public presence of our Discipline. The resolution acknowledges that Universal Human Body Energy of America was established by ourselves in 1996, in the State of Washington. It highlights the ultimate purpose and goal of our discipline, which is to guide and awaken humankind towards spiritual advancement with teachings based on the foundation of altruism and equality regardless of religion, race or culture. Members of U.H.B.E. have been devoting themselves to that higher calling to improve the lives of their human fellows through the awakening of their own divine nature and true compassion. The resolution commends the great value of spirituality and social service that the people of the California State in particular and the world in general are receiving through the contributions of U.H.B.E. discipline.

May we bow our heads, expressing our deepest respect and gratitude to the Founder Grand Master Dasira Narada for giving the world a precious dharma of spiritual science. His profound teachings have transformed our own consciousness and awakened our souls to the ultimate meaning of life, which is to serve for the goodness of humanity with compassion and devotion.
We sincerely thank disciples from the Seattle Central Meditation Center, Orange County, Mississauga, and Ottawa Meditation Centers, for their contributions in the preparation of this handbook.
May 29, 2010

Duc Thuan Nguyen & Beverly Ngoc Hai Nguyen
Founders and Presidents of Universal Human Body Energy of America


Only in water can a vessel move forward
A true religion can only flourish in life
When you make it a point to cultivate yourself, be courageous
And weave yourself along to ride the rough tide
Sometimes you do it in a quiet way
At other times you outshine when you try to serve
While you work for Humanity’s progress
You build peace at the same time for the world population.
You never give in to force alone
And you’re unafraid of the wicked.
With everyone, you know how to mix
So you’ll know better the true nature of people.
You persevere in observing their conditions
And draw lessons from their experiences,
Black and white both has disadvantages
You keep delving into the matter to approach the golden rule.
Life changes according to the law of ebb and flow
You should study it with good will and fairness.
Between right and wrong, you use your mind to differentiate
You know where and what are the lies
You learn from those with the same mind
But you also learn from those different from us
You don’t say this is good, or that is bad
You take into account both right and wrong.
Your power to see things through is as deep as the river and as wide as the ocean
You stand in the middle, analyze and synthesize the facts.
All kinds of people from different backgrounds and with different characteristics
People in all professions
show us the different aspects of the light that shines on
and give us a chance to find truth.
They’re all our teachers, giving free lessons to us
and thus are all our benefactors.
A self-cultivator only has friends and not foes
and actually changes foes into friends.
When you know you’re wrong, you try to correct yourself,
after many failures, you’ll find success.
When you suffer because of bad people, more people will be drawn to goodness.
In the midst of bad people, the good ones stand out.
The truths that people usually talk about
Usually are only half-truths
That either veers to this side or that,
creating all kinds of “isms”.
Those are all one-sided and full of limitations,
what everyone agrees on is the real truth.
It doesn’t know any differentiation
between the colors of the skin or various classes,
Only love for everyone on Earth
without selfishness, lust or personal gain
is the truth that is truly meaningful.
Your true identity is truly superb
you don’t act out of self-interest,
but for the benefit of all concerned.
You give general happiness to all
and you lead everyone in the same direction.
You realize that all are one
and reach the level of the sages.
A self-cultivator realizes that life is full of contradictions,
and can get over all hardships.
Life helps us get enlightened in the right way
And in return, we help life in its hazards.
Something as small as a hair’s thread
lost somewhere will be collected and returned to the owner.
When you sow seeds, don’t throw them afar,
you should sow them in a big tree’s shade
You cover small dreams in the shadow of its umbrage,
so they can avoid birds and serpents.
The big tree will cover the young ones
So they can grow and always be protected.
The duration of one’s life is very short
And it isn’t easy to be born a human,
since you are already blessed with that benevolence.
Try to be worthy of the good grace
Love the country forever with all your heart
and love humanity as you would love yourself
Try to lead humanity in the right direction.

Dasira Narada


Universal Human Body Energy (U.H.B.E.) is a practical spiritual science that explores and studies the evolutionary dimensions of all living beings, humankind in particular. The dimensions mentioned here are not only limited to environmental and physical aspects. For a long time, most people have mistakenly thought that only physical matter sustains life. On the other hand, most religions postulate that soul or spirit is essential for the existence of the physical body. These two concepts in fact represent two halves of an inseparable entity. There is a perpetual active life force that maintains the existence of both the soul and the physical body. It exists before the body is formed and it continues to evolve after the body disintegrates. It provides the suitable conditions for the soul to develop spiritually. The term God or Buddha-Nature represents the Absolute, which is neither good nor bad, exists everywhere in reality, and is beyond space and time. Space and time are only finite human concepts; therefore, they are limited. The life force that is embodied in every being, is evolving continuously and is called vital energy.

Meditation has existed for a long time; when people start cultivating themselves spiritually, it is the quintessential method to cleanse and purify the mind. Chakras are fundamentally important and have a crucial role in the process of transferring vital energy to the body. The energy removes impurities and revitalizes cells, so that the mind is clear, free from mental darkness and able to control its own evolutionary process more easily. After the Founder Grand Master Dasira Narada attained illumination, with his transcendental wisdom, he developed Vi Dieu Phap Hanh Thien, the preeminent meditation method now called Universal Human Body Energy (U.H.B.E.) to help humankind. Vital Energy is the light, the source of love. It always flows throughout life and can only be understood with practical experience, the meaning of which cannot be precisely described with words. When practicing this meditation method diligently, our body receives vital energy through the chakras. Vital energy helps us develop loving kindness, lead an introspective lifestyle, and enables us to recognize the shortest avenue for spiritual development. These teachings are the most extraordinary collection of spiritual knowledge for humanity from the beginning of time to the present. During the process of Formation-Development-Deterioration-Annihilation, many living beings can receive vital energy and develop wisdom. Among them are individuals who carry virtuous seeds, live free from materialistic desires and lead a spiritual life, consequently, they can open their own chakras, receive vital energy, awaken and liberate themselves from misery. Due to various levels of spiritual awakening, there are many spiritual teachings and various interpretations of these disciplines. This explains why there are many religions in the world. Unfortunately, the narrow-mindedness of subsequent generations has created conflict and contradictions among religions. The differences in form and rituals of practice have caused verbal dispute and separation among religions. Enormous effort on the part of spiritual pioneers can help some individuals with their personal miseries, but still the common denominator is lacking for the elimination of barriers differentiating one religion from another, body from mind, and science from religion. Only then, can the world become harmoniously unified and everyone can live a complete and meaningful life.

1. The Founder Grand Master DASIRA NARADA
On October, 24th -1846, in the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka, the Founder Grand Master DASIRA NARADA was born to a highly respected family. His father, Ajita Narada, was a Sri Lankan but carried the blood of the Bombayese. He was a diplomatic official with a strict character. His mother was Ceylonese, a gentle Buddhist with the virtues of a typical Asian woman. Inheriting qualities of his parents, the Founder Grand Master had a fair complexion and a noble heart. He was the only son in his family. His father hoped that he would carry on the family tradition and develop a career in a way to bring benefit to the family. However, because of his desire to serve humanity, Dasira Narada did not pursue his studies in order to bring him wealth and fame. Instead, He dedicated himself to study the nature of Man and the Universe. He enrolled in the study of Eastern philosophy. He earned a Ph.D. degree when he was 25 years of age. The knowledge of Eastern philosophy helped him understand, deeply, the impermanence of life. This realization, his benevolence and noble aspiration were the driving forces, which propelled him to seek liberation for himself as well as for humankind. When he was 42 years old, his father passed away, Dasira Narada took part in State affairs in place of his father. After five years of service for the government, suddenly, Dasira Narada resigned from his position, a position many others desired. Dressed in a discolored garment, carrying a walking stick, he quietly left on his search for spiritual cultivation. He reached the Himalayas and began his spiritual practice. After 18 years of self-cultivation, He attained illumination, achieving Transcendental Wisdoms, opened His own chakras, and was able to absorb cosmic energy into his body. The extraordinary thing was that He also developed the teaching of Divine Dharma, which includes a unique method to initiate the opening of chakras for others without requiring them to go through a long and difficult process as He had.

2. The Second Grand Master Narada Mahathera and 5 Masters in Vietnam
After years of traveling to help people, in 1916, the Founder Grand Master found a successor who had just reached the age of 18. With great confidence, the Founder Grand Master passed on all His knowledge and hoped His successor would continue conveying His Dharma to humankind. After 8 years of teaching this disciple, in 1924, the Founder Grand Master left for an unknown place and no one ever saw him again. His successor became the Second Grand Master.

The Second Grand Master was educated at a Catholic school. After he accepted the mission from the Founder Grand Master Dasira Narada, he began the practice of Theravadan Buddhism under the Buddhist name of Narada Mahathera. At the same time, he quietly practiced and maintained the teaching of Divine Dharma Meditation. The Second Grand Master had an affinity to Vietnam. During the years of 1930-1950, he visited many places in Vietnam. He represented the Indian Buddhist Society and offered the Vietnamese Buddhist Society some of the Buddha’s relics, Bodhi trees, and spiritual literature - vestiges of Buddha Sakyamuni. In 1972, the Second Grand Master visited Vietnam for the last time and he privately instructed five Vietnamese masters to protect the teaching of Divine Dharma Meditation. The five Vietnamese masters were followers of the major religions in Vietnam which included Buddhism, Christianity, Caodaism, Hoa Hao, and a female physician. In 1974, he returned to Sri Lanka. On Sunday, October 2nd of 1983, he passed away at the age of 85 in Vajirarama Temple, where he had been the leader during the last years of his life. His funeral was solemnized as a state funeral by the Sri Lankan government and Sri Lankan Buddhist Society.

3. We are Thuan Duc Nguyen and Ngoc Hai Nguyen
The Divine Dharma Meditation teaching of the Founder Grand Master Dasira Narada was protected and maintained by the second lineage Grand Master Narada Mahathera and then passed on privately to the 5 third lineage Vietnamese Masters. We, the fourth lineage generation, were delegated with the noble responsibility directly from the third lineage Masters to convey the dharma of the Founder Grand Master to the world. Since then, we have dedicated our lives to the transmission of the extraordinary philosophy of the Founder Grand Master from the spiritual realm into practical spiritual and moral guidance for the physical world; and we developed the discipline of Universal Human Body Energy.

We have acquired considerable understanding of the fundamental principles of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, Confucianism, and Caodaism from the third lineage Masters. However, we do not formally belong to any religion nor we attach ourselves to the formality of any system of belief. This gives us the freedom to contemplate and develop an innovative method of cultivation, to guide anyone towards spiritual improvement, regardless of their culture, race, religion, or political background. Following the teaching of truth of the Founder Grand Master, we have guided practitioners to achieve a better understanding about the true nature of life on earth so that they learn to lead a virtuous lifestyle, eliminating personal selfishness and developing altruistic compassion for one another. With its versatile and universal principles of practice, the teachings of U.H.B.E. have received enthusiastic support from many people all over the world, regardless of customs or culture.

The Founder Grand Master Dasira Narada had shown humankind a path leading to the elimination of suffering and the attainment of awakening and liberation. Based on the divine dharma of the Founder Grand Master from the spiritual realm, we have devoted our lives to develop a practical and scientific method of cultivation. This is why the discipline of U.H.B.E. is often referred to as a spiritual science. Our guidance and teachings have helped many students to understand the falsehood of superstitious practice and to resolve their inner struggles. At the same time, step by step students learn to correct weaknesses and cultivate virtue in order to ascend on the journey of spiritual evolution.

For the past many years, the discipline of UHBE has sown the quintessence of His teachings around the world. Presently, UHBE Meditation Centers in many countries are helping people across communities to discern the true meaning of life and to further develop their loving kindness for their fellow beings so that together we will all, ascend on the journey of spiritual development. UHBE is like a sacred light, shinning on a path that leads people out of darkness and suffering towards building a universal world of Love in which all beings can live in harmony and understanding. With all of its noble objectives and achievements, it is expected that the discipline of UHBE will be maintained and developed by subsequent generations to bring much more benefit to all of life.

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