Bladder Cancer saved by Divine Dharma Meditation

Honor: Grand master DASIRA –NARADA
2nd Grand Master NARADA –MAHATHERA
Dear Master Congregation; together with teachers of the teaching of the discipline of VDPHT
Dear Vung Tau Meditation Center, Your fellow members.

My name is Pha?m Van Quy´ 60 years old - Phone: 01212705188

Resident at 124/8/10 Ðuo`ng Bi`nh Gia~, Ward 8; Vung Tau City, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province

I myself have been practising Divine Dharma Meditation since 2016 until now and I am a level 3 member. Before school, my health was very weak, I had bladder cancer and had surgery 3 times. My spirit is collapsed, the health is as weak as the lightning strike.

Accidentally I met a friend introduced me to enroll in this meditation methods. When I arrived at the meditation hall to listen to the centre leader talk, I had faith and decided to take the meditation class to try it out. The first days taught by the Dharma teaching and how to do Meditation, it was difficult for me, because I was seriously sick, tired body, meditation more tired and painful, but when listening to Teachers say meditation The new pain is working, I listen to and try to meditate to increase the time to day by day. Miraculous near the end of the course I found less mental pain that was the motivation I was trying to overcome.

So far I have noticed that the lack of meditation is more difficult than lacking eat. I meditate to make life and disease that disappear when I do not know. Now I go to test several times the results: cancer is no longer and other diseases have dissipated and my body is completely healthy. And I keep meditating every day for over 4 hours.

With these sincerely words, I thank the Grand Master Dasira Narada; Second Mater Dasira Mahathera have given to me and the members of the centre with the humanity the Diversity of Happiness. Dharma teaching and guide us through this cultivation path.

Sincerely thanks to the Executive Board of Vung Tau Meditation Center for creating opportunities for Us I come to share activities. Thank you Brothers and sisters who have been helping me in the past!

I personally wish to practice the Dharma according to the rules of good practice of meditation the way to meditation is to save oneself and serve others.

Special thanks
Disciple: Pha?m Van Quy´.

Translated by Norm Nguyen


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