I conquered my diseases from the methods of Divine Dharma Meditation

Honor: Grand master DASIRA –NARADA
2nd Grand Master NARADA –MAHATHERA
Dear Master Congregation; together with teachers of the teaching of the discipline of VDPHT
Dear Vung Tau Meditation Center, Your fellow members.

My name is Tào Thị Mười 63 years old - Phone: 0126 9964118

Resident at 236 Truong Công Ði?nh, Ward 8; Vung Tau City, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province

Before joining The Discipline of Divine Dharma Meditation, about 5 years ago I have the following diseases: Tricuspid cardiac valve openings; Polyarthritis; Degenerative vertebrae; Intravenous fluids; Vestibular disorders. Previously, when holding the test results for hospitalization, certainly no one recognized me including relatives, I think my life is finished, just think of negative, do not believe in life. Fortunately, there was a sister inlaw in Long Son go to Vung Tau Meditation Center for healing, from Long Son they rent a car to Vung Tau Meditation Center that I didn't know. I just wanted to come to see the Meditation centre. Since then, I got carpool with other disciples of meditation centre. After a week, I saw myself lightly, that morning I woke up to go down the stairs normal, I was startled why come down as easy as not having the disease and I go up the stairs and go down again but I felt no pain in the knees any more. For I was going down the stairs before I had to go backward, unable to move my feet, my knees were swollen; One month after the meditation centre announced there will be a Meditation Class open soon, I registered to learn meditation and since that day I meditated, My health is improving remarkedly every day. I work on my tireless days. I am a level 5 meditation disciples. My family saw me as healthy and therefore he took meditation and he is a level 3 meditation disciple. In August When I went to check my health, the doctor was surprised and asked me where did I get the treatments that made me look healthier, and beautiful? The disease is gone, I am completely healthy. The Patriarch of the Divine Dharma Meditation saved me.

I do not know what to say more than today, on the closing day of the year I wrote some lines about my feelings about the Patriarch and from the bottom of a disciple who was desperate for illness that now optimistic love life, We serve the meditation centre, ready to help our fellow members. May your whole life be the children of the Patriarch to save yourself and serve others.

Lastly, we wish the Executive Board of Vung Tau Meditation Center with fellow members in the new year healthy, happy, peaceful body and mind. Wishing Divine Dharma Meditation to develop more.

Special thanks
Disciple: Tào Thị Mười

Translated by Norm Nguyen


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