The Magic Of Divine Dharma Meditation

Honor: Grand master DASIRA –NARADA
2nd Grand Master NARADA –MAHATHERA

Dear Master Congregation; together with teachers of the teaching of the discipline of VDPHT

Dear Vung Tau Meditation Center, Your fellow members.

My name is Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Sơn, 64 years old - Phone: 0916216216

Resident at 213/1/3 Lê Hồng Phong, Ward 8; Vung Tau City, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province

I myself have been practicing the Divine Dharma Meditation since 2014 and I have been a level 4th practitioner.

Before I became a member of Divine Dharma Meditation, I were very weak, I had many health issues:

- Chronic headache, frequent sleeping pills
- Tachycardia, low blood pressure
- Stomach ache
- Degenerative vertebrae of the neck, flat and spine thoracic vertebrae.

By chance I was encouraged by a friend who was a level 4th meditation member and registered for me, honestly at first I did not want to study because of unsettled mood because of too much pain. Then she encourages me to take the course. In July 2014, I went to the Meditation centre, listening to the Meditation Leader talk, I found the faith and took that class.

The first days were a difficult one for myself: the illness was tired but my meditation was more painful, but listening to the teacher said, meditation pain is working, I try every day. Strangely, the more the meditation is less painful, the days have passed so far. I find the lack of meditation more unpleasant than the lack of food, I meditate to make life, since the disease has been repelled: Headache The Vestibular disorders, blood pressure; Stomach pain almost completely resolved; Osteoarthritis, very good no longer aches, I feel very happy and peaceful, many people to meet again, I also say "why this young and beautiful," now I meditate every day 4 hours have a free day I meditate for nearly 6 hours.

Thank you DASIRA-NARADA for giving me and my fellow students the enjoyment of this method; Thank you Thầy Cô and instructors who have taught the Dharma and instructed us in practice meditation and healing. Thanks to the Executive Board of Vung Tau Meditation Center for creating opportunities for us to come to share ; Thank you for your kindness at Vung Tau Meditation Center for helping me through the healing time.
I promise to practice meditation according to the Dharma to save ourselves and serve the people.

Special thanks
Disciple: Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Sơn

Translated by Norm Nguyen


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