The path of Cultivation
Lê Thị Bạch Yến - Brisbane Meditation Centre, Australia

That's right, have to farewell Thay co, class of level 5 has been completed, goodbye from Divine Dharma Meditation Head Quarter, Anaheim USA to return to Australia. Time is too short, but it gives me a lot of mixed feelings that I have not had anywhere else, it's true, which is hard to find in today society.

An auspicious meals are made by the purified souls of the disciples from different meditations in the world. There were someone came from the Vietnam Meditation Centre, volunteered to serve in the kitchen. Although the weather, the weather is hot in the day but in the face of the same brother with the " Let our hearts aspire to give harmonious happiness to all" Always happy with the smile on the lips. They took care and worry for us from A to Z, even the bowl finished eating they collected and brought back to the kitchen. I remember when the class ended, I went out to the kitchen to thank all the brothers and sisters, when I met a sister fellow that I do not know her name, she asked me to share how much merit, I joked Ms. Hai teaches divided 30%, she disagreed! This makes me feel confused and she continued that she did not wanted to receive any part, but also reward me a cup of cool ginseng tonic. So I then capital loss.

On the last day of the class was the opening day of the Level 5 Chakras. In front of the careful and thoughtful arrangement of the Organizing Committee, together with the solemn atmosphere of the Central Meditation Hall, made me a little worried. settling Since while we meditated on the teachings and the classmates were always watching and helping when we encountered obstacles, I remember when I was meditating coughing, standing right under the air conditioning vent with miraculously someone hands Somehow fixed the sweater, covered my neck and chest with warm, making it easy for me to meditate, thanks to my colleague for helping me.

Before beginning meditation, in silence and solemnity of the class, I remember Instructor Susan Luong said a sentence before the class: "You remember that you only have once chance taking class in Level 5 in your lifetime "Thank you for the lecture Susan Luong, that is the motivation to help me a lot, but sometimes my mind a little fluctuate in meditation, remember the Thầy Cô taught" cut off the scene outside " I turned to the inner force of the blessing for me to live in meditation, so that I was able to win myself to complete the 7 hours 15 minutes meditation.

When I was ordered to discharge meditation, I opened my eyes to see everyone happy to face the happy face, I couldn't express my feeling at that time, only wanted to run to hug Thầy Cô to pay respect with in tears.

Now sit here recalling the short days of class Level 5 with 115 disciples, how could I forget the teachings of the Founder Master is Thầy Cô for contemporary concepts to suit the present circumstances, I find myself so small in front of the great hearts of all the disciples at the Central Meditation Hall, especially of Thầy Cô have devoted 10 years ago in Vietnam and more than 20 years in the US, so I was predestined to meet and cultivate under the teaching of Thầy Cô.

I pray to the Founder Master that I will be able to stand firmly on the path I have chosen to practice what I have learned from the Thầy Cô through executive sessions so that I can help my fellow disciples and others. The need for help to create a opportunity for them as a sincere thank you to Thầy Cô.

Please send my heart into the mind of the Founder Master:

The duration of one’s life is very short
And it is not easy to become a human
Since we are already blessed with that fate
Try to be worthy of the good grace

Lê Thị Bạch Yến - Brisbane Meditation Centre, Australia


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