March 2012

Phnom Penh Center, +855 (012) 84 85 61

New administrative members of DDM Phnom Penh:
Center Leader: Mrs Hin Darong - phone: +855 (012) 84 85 61
Assistant Center Leaders: Mr. Bunleng YUN, Mrs. Ngov Khakiev
Secretary: Mr. Heng Bun Chhoeun
Commissioners: Mr. Seng Rachana, Mr. Ho Huy
Treasurer: Mrs. Tep Srey Ny

(514) 825 – 8180 (Bunkorn)
+855 (012) 910 – 823 (David)
+855 (012) 84 – 8561 (Tao Rong)

Bức thơ cảm tạ của thiền đường Dallas gởi đến cho Thiền Đường Houston

To all UHBE Centers

Two weeks ago, the first class of our new UHBE Dallas Center just happily finish. This result mainly is contribution and help from Houston Center, it's continued from December 2011 until today. Attach her is letter of Dallas Center to Houston Center. We hope that the Dallas UHBE Center will open the heart of our loving Grand Master Dasira Narada to peoples of Dallas region.

Seattle UHBE Center


Diep Nguyen


Thiền Đường Dallas
90 Grapevine Hwy, Hurst, TX 76054

To Mr. LêVănNgọc

Dear director of UHBE Houston and fellow disciples:

Diển văn lớp cấp 1&2 tại thiền đường San Jose, California


First of all, we respectfully prostrate before our Master Founder Dasira Narada,

Dear Mr. Nguyễn Đức Thuận and Mrs. Nguyễn Ngọc Hải, our honorable Universal Human Body Energy sect leaders,

Dear guests, representatives of governmental authorities, and media organizations,

Dear our fellow brothers and sisters,

Today we are very pleased to welcome you to our San Jose Meditation Center where we as a nonprofit organization has been helping people for more than a year. Your presence is an encouraging support for us on the way to assist human to overcome soul and body illness.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Level 1&2 and 3 classes in Montreal, Cannada

Instructors :
Nguyễn Lưu ( Surrey )
Trần Quốc Tài ( Surrey )

Mr Burkorn Yun : 514-256-1837
Mr Oun Minh : 438-338-3976
Mr Sokun : 514-256-1837
Ms Sinath : 514-696-8228
Mr Comlane : 514-570-5908


Level 3: Sunday May 13 th , 2012 from 9AM to 1PM
Level 1 &2: Monday May 14 th , 2012 to Saturday May 18 th 2012
Monday to Friday : from 6 PM – 9:00 PM
Saturday : from 9AM to 1PM



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